What Is To Be Done? An ISE Vox Pop on How to Address the Tech Industry's Challenges


As the Tech Industry faces unprecedented challenges, like from chip and semi-conductor shortages, and skill shortages, to enviornment and sustainability, Inavate's Reece Webb goes looking for answers at ISE2022. Barco's Lieven Bertier and Redmouse's Sercan Atkas emphasise the importance of communication and collaboration, citing carbon neutral pledges and global partner programs and taskforces arrives through mutual, reciprocal agreement. This was a sentiment shared by XTG's Julian Phillipps, who sees these challenges as opportunities, and Visavvi's David Willie, who is looking to car manufacturers, and major companies such as Microsoft. Meanwhile Martin van der Woude of Philips addresses the part played by supply chains and the labour market, as accelerating growth puts ever greater pressure on the logistics that hold the industry up.